RCube Recycling has adopted and integrated following three main steps

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1. Collection (Sources):
E-waste recyclers
Cartridge Re-manufacturers
Government bodies

2. Transportation:
Logistics is carried out by one of our tied transportation service channels along with proper packaging for the safety of the raw material.

3. Warehousing:
We have placed a separate warehouse to store printer cartridges (raw material).

4. Dismantling:
Dismantling is a hand-operated task using loose tools and it is made sure that all the components are present in the cartridge before dismantling.

5. Segregation:
After disassembly of the cartridges according to the specifications, segregation of recoverable material and refurbish able material takes place considering all the plastic and metal components are thoroughly removed from the residues.

6. Recycling:
Recycling of the material recovered is a semi-manual process which is developed by RCube Recycling, that can be transformed into a fully automatically operated process when needed.